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4 stars

I said 4 stars bc it glitches a lot and makes my thing go soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow


I’m so good I broke the game! But seriously you need to fix how I can get only 2 times tens on the top left golden dartboard before it just says 176

Really fun

Really fun. Great way to pass the time and you don’t have to wait centuries or play for years to get coins



Remove some of the ads

This game is fun but to many ads!! Every time you restart you get an ad

WAAAAY too many ads

You take a shot about every five seconds (at least, when starting out). You get an ad after every three shots. It is NOT worth it unless you buy the ad-free option, which I see NO justification for. This is a bad game made worse by an Advalanche. Stay away.

Good time killer but glitchy

It keeps saying to get to the next level to unlock the next arrow but I’m on level 108 and I only have 44 kinda of arrows so ?


This game is super laggy and when I shut my iPad of it’s still laggy, it’s complete trash and I don’t get how this game is rated 4.5 stars. This the most shxxxxxx game I’ve ever played




Amazing app

What the heck

I was playing strength 17 always get to 88 but I start getting better and I start getting 89 but it still says high score 88 what the heck happened figure it out or I’m deleting the game!

Too many ads

This is a great app,but it needs less ADVERTISMENTS!!

Too many ads

I know ads are how developers make money, but I can’t even determine if I like the game because an ad plays every second or third arrow?! Also, inverted controls are a must.


It was fun to play but it had so many ads trying to load that it started to lag and freeze up

New stuff we’re looking for and possibly need

The game is fun but dull like it has Zero objectives but to hit a target either yellow or red. You guys should place like apples or gifts through out the game and also make it more of a challenge or more attraction to the game. Another thing is we need arrows for the people (like me) who’s like deep into the game where we make 1 mil/6hours at least you can let us craft our own bow or make a character that’s shoots the bow, but I highly recommended more arrows. (I don’t want to be the reason why the game crashes because of my comment)

A good game

This game is fantastic and fun

VERY fun, BUT...

This game needs sound! Also, please give us different backgrounds/maps to play, as well as a variety of power-ups. Then it’s ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way!!

Surprise Surprise

This game looked so boring but my sister recommended it so I got it and it is so fun and addictive and I really love it so I do recommend it🤗 🤗

More arrows

When y’all gonna add more arrows I’m at lvl 105 and still no more arrows past 44

Don’t download

This game is absolute sh*t so many bugs and I know it’s supposed to be hard but don’t put so many trees you literally have to make a 90 degree turn


Good game

About the game

This game is so fun I have and I could play it all day nonstop

Heston I love the game

Heston good

Not Great

It’s so laggy I can barely play and move the arrow around

Could be better

Ads every 2 darts that slow game down and glitch game. Just overkill in my opinion. Ads every 6-7 darts would seem more tolerable.

The Lag and Ads

The game is very fun and super addicting, but the amount of lag that is in this game is almost ridiculous. And I can’t even go two shots in a row before an ad pops up. Oh by the way I’m spending $3.00 just to remove the ads. But if u can get past that then the games great!

It’s good but I found a glitch

The game is good I see it has potential but I found a creepy glitch so if you get to lvl 70 (IDK if it does work otherwise) make your power thing the tiny sliver of green then make it so you don’t see any green then fire, it makes the screen where the background is neon blue! And the score is 666 pls help....

It's fine😡

It's hard and frustrating👿😾😾😾👎

This is a really fun game!!!

This app is nice to have on the go when your bored! If your some one like me and you like lots of games and have options to play on your phone get this game!!! The best part is you don’t need WiFi!!! No in app purchases as well!


Ads are hot garbage

To many ads

I get an ad after one round each time I play


I’m having a major problem with shooting the arrow when I shoot it the string to the bow stay attached to the arrow if not I would rate 5 stars please fix


Hey there I’m a fan


Every time I release the arrow, the string is still attached and it flys very very slow.

Good but laggy

It’s a good time waster, I enjoy it, but it lags a lot


It’s has taken this app 3 day to download and when it did is was so boring

Need more customization

We need more arrows and would like a selection of bows also. This would improve gameplay a lot. Daily missions Daily missions should give diamonds or limited power ups. With power ups it should be 1.5x distance, offline while online earning, option to buy a start point, and low gravity should be better than 1.5 distance Vending machine In the vending machine menu you should be able to buy day time, theme ( era, scenes, and or movie set )


I get to about 15,000 distance and it closes the app and doesn’t save so every time I go for a new distance it gets to 15,000 and it closes the app and restarts so nothing to do I am level 798 and have over 600 million and can’t go past 15,000 in my distance even though it is at 6,000 for the distance level

so addicting

Very addicting




It’s really really hard



Flying Arrows

This game is challenging and so fun and lit

i love this game



I like this game but it has wayyyyyyyyy to many ads please reduce the amount of ad pop ups please.

Please change.

You have a great platform but it’s being killed by ads..yes you have ad free choice which I was wanting to purchase! But I’ve also been cheated from the game multiple times. While watching ads for rewards! Simple gameplay which is nice could use some touch up but is ruined by all the extra problems! Please fix this I am a fan of the game

Too many ads

Way too many ads

Main thing is money

I miss Cydia and lucky patcher

You guys are just awful.

I get that the game is free, but an ad every three arrows? That’s like an ad every 5 seconds in the beginning of the game. I wouldn’t mind an ad every minute, if the game was actually good, but it’s just like every other game you guys make. Cheap, greedy, annoying, not worth anything.

Great game, but the Ads are awful!

I love this game. It’s simple but fun to play, and I found myself really getting into it after first downloading. But after my first few arrow shots, I was prompted to watch a 30-second ad which I couldn’t skip. That happened two more times! And it would seem the only way to get rid of the ads is to pay $2.99? That’s dumb. Deleted.

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