Flying Arrow! App Reviews

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Adds between rounds fine... ads during gameplay make it really hard to play decently. Jerky start and stop screen throws arrows into things that weren’t there yet


Look I’m fine with ads. Everyone now and then... not every 3 shots... keeping in mind it takes 30 seconds or so to pop off 3 shots... then you sit through an add. Then three more shots then add... for the past two hours. Half my time has been ads.. that’s way over kill. Change that and I’ll change rating

Too many ad, to much to remove.

Too many ads, at least one every two shots. $2.99 to remove.

Ads are ridiculous

Seriously ad’s after every couple shots? Game is fun but definitely isn’t worth spending real cash on in my opinion.


This game needs to be updated to add more levels. Once you get to level 44 you're done. There should also be other ways to earn diamonds.

Drop the incessant ads

Every attempt I get an advertisement for a game I don’t want and don’t care to play.

Easy with the adds, guys

I understand it’s free to try, but an add every three shots is a little overkill don’t ya think.. And no sound?! It’s not like the graphics are phenomenal, y’all couldn’t fit in some sound? Even the adds have sound!! Do better.


There are way too many adds involved in this game please get rid of that


You should make a penis a object to fly

Kinda fun, but a ridiculous amount of ads

If you don't turn your cellular off while playing this game you will get a 30 second video ad every time you shoot an arrow. That speaks for itself.



Flying arrow

So much fun

Fun at First

The game is fun at first but it took me less than a week to get every single type of arrow. Also it becomes way more productive to just wait three or four days and get tons of money when you log in then it is to play and try and get money. Honestly I’ve done maybe an hour of playing time max in the week and a half that I have had it and I’m already going to delete it.

Flying arrow

I like daring arrows going far it’s a fun game

Perfect game, but...

I love the game, but there are so many ads on the app that I might delete it. I can’t stand those ads. Every other run there is a thirty second ad. The only way you can get rid of the ads is to pay $2.99 or whatever. Ridiculous. I spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game.


It’s harder than it looks


This game dodo

This is trash

I lost

Freakin ads

You get the option to double your score by watching an ad. Then you opt out and it makes you watch an ad anyway. Should just double every score

Ads are not well thought off

The ads that are shown makes an okay game worse because the amount of play time became minimal for a game that was anything but rewarding.


Fun concept but way too many ads

Waaaay to many ads

I’d give a 5 stars review if it wouldn’t have that many ads

Good game but...

It has a lot of ads please fix that

Addicting game

The map changes every once in a while. When i upgrade to the perfect power the map changes and it messes everything up and is annoying...

Too many adds

You can shoot two times before you have to watch each add. Lame.

FUN to many ads

This game is very fun great time killer good graphics but to many ads


You will spend more time watching adds then playing the game don’t waste your time

To many ads

Played twice and each time I had to watch a 30 second’s not that much fun to have that many ads->Not worth the time to download

Fix your game

It has to much adds Bye

Just doesn’t run well

Game runs terribly, lags even though it doesn’t use internet, which makes it impossible to navigate your projectile.

Awesome game

I love this game My brother loves this game

It lags

It lags to the point where I can’t even play it

Stop ads

Stop ads

Fun for a bit

It was fun for a while but now I’ve gotten all the different arrows and make more coins offline then actually shooting an arrow. Now I go in launch 1 arrow after upgrading to see how far it goes and close it cause it’s not worth the time to watch the ad to collect the coins. I’m at lvl 295 arrow and 230 offline

this is fun

this is fun😁

Terrible game

Ads after every launch, there’s no way to angle your arrows for more distance, game is trash. Deleted immediately.


Filled with adds


These ads after every 3rd throw are annoying


Unethical practices. When you choose not to watch and ad it will force you to anyways.

You can move the arrow after you shoot

Took me weeks before I realized you can move the arrow after shooting 😂

Fun, but...

It’s a very fun game but it spam f***s you with ads to the point that it’s ridiculous

Way to many ads

This game has the most add I the world every time you play there’s a ad and I know you can purchase no ads but I can’t get that.i know you have to make money on the game some how but chill down with the constant ads .besides the ads i is an enjoyable experience to play. Sincerely yours, Anonymous

Finally figured it out

I finally figured it out


Ads completely ruin the game. Such a basic game doesn’t need an ad a minute.

I don’t like it

I hate it

Good game is good game

Good game but hard

It’s just adds

Mostly adds hardly get to play the game at all

Shoot watch ad shoot watch ad

Over n over n over - bow n ads

Why monitor my data usage?

As soon as I opened the app for the first time it asked for permission to access and monitor my data usage. Why does a game need to do this?Deleted immediately.

Need effect and some music

The game need some effect when you hit something or when you change object and music to be more enjoyable

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