Flying Arrow! App Reviews

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Level up

I already at level 33 and every time I ply it to get to level 34 it doesn’t work it just freezes up

Update issue

New update from two days ago is causing game to stop and doesn’t allow you to level up after the ad is finished


After to shots there’s an ad I deleted within 5 minutes

Add every minute!

There is an add for about every three arrows that you aim. Very disappointed

This game is awsome

Everything is good in this game because it is very fun!!!!

Fun but stupid

They lie to you, it’ll say 91 meters but only give you 90 coins. What a rip off

If only it was like it was before

Before the newest update I loved this game and played it everyday but now it’s really easy to level up and every time I do level up it freezes then I get out of the game and it tries to make me level up again so please fix that game developer thank you.

I like archery

I think that this game is the funnest game. Everyone in my family likes it a lot. We played this game everyday well sometimes.


I loved this game but now there all of these arrows and I can’t play and have fun because I unlocked all of them in one go not fun 😕😕


Game just freezes when you reach 515 now and they removed multi arrows which was the best part of the game.


Every time I hit a bullseye it doesn’t count it and the it shows an add then freezes the game.


It is easy to hack just move ur time forward

Doesn’t work!

I’m at level 33 and every time I decide to play the game won’t level me up and crashes.

The game was fun but..

It was a fun game for 5 minutes until the ads started. Every 3 tries you would get an ad. This game was to make money and money only. Don’t get it.

Battery drainer!

The game is really fun but it does a my battery extremely fast and overheats, for such a simple game it shouldn’t be pushing the hardware so hard.

Add more levels

Add more levels. I already bet the game when the update came out. I keep on reaching 900+ meters but it won’t level up because I’m already level 33. Add more levels please.

Terrible Game!

About one minute into playing the game was pretty fun. After a few minutes, I started having extreme frame rate lag. After about five minutes into the game, the game froze and froze my entire phone to the point I couldn’t exit the game or restart my phone. I don’t know what kind of stuff you put into this game, but apparently a perfectly normal iPhone 7 cannot handle your game.

So many ads, but decent game

The game was fun while it still worked. I “beat” it in a couple days and now it won’t work. Once you get to level 33, it freezes after your arrow lands. Also the ads make it hard to play. A lot of them are 30 second ads and really take away from the gaming experience.

Skin update broke it.

Play this game to pass the time, but the skin update broke it, can’t get more than one or two flights before it freezes.


It looked fun at first but the fact that you have to watch an ad every thirty seconds completely ruins the game. I do not recommend.

3 things

Honestly the game’s fun but one of its main problems is it’s lack of sound. Also, although I do enjoy the no cap on how much coins you can have at a time as well, but the system for telling you much much you earn offline is also vague and unrewarding. They should also provide more upgrade options like:maneuverability or maybe an upgrade that allows you to increase your coins per 1 distance. They could also allow a physics aspect allowing your arrow to dive and possibly move upwards with the momentum as well. They could also possibly put in more than one map option, as not only do the maps repeat themselves the farther you shoot, but also they could add certain themes that could be unlocked by after a few levels (arrow skins every even level; map themes every odd level) In summary: Sound (music, bow and arrow sound, etc.) More upgrades (besides strength and offline earning) More maps (different variations and themes)

Level cap

Decent gameplay but breaks once you start reaching 515+ distance. Arrow won’t reset unless you change skins, tedious. Keep under 515+ distance and it’s still fun.

Do you even have QA?

Since the skin update the game isn’t playable. After xp reached level 33 you must choose a new skin even to shoot again. Now I shoot the arrow so far (str ~500) the game is boring. You should add a fast forward button with a timeline showing max distance or add an option to auto fast forward to last 200 feet or something. Please add more targets or different dynamics. Add more scenes. The repetition (looping) is terrible.

To many ads!!!

Used to be great with an ad maybe every 4-5 turns now after every turn there’s an add. Deleting this game

It wont let me reinvert my controls

It wont let me reinvert my controls

Mother of all Ads

Very difficult to play the game when 30sec ads pop up after every button you press

Became unplayable after latest update

So full of bugs you can’t even play it

More skins

I have been playing before skins and I got very high level and I have all the skins in 1 go when I found out the skins were added

Thanks for ruining the game!!

Was quite a fun game until you added this stupid skin bs. Glitches all the time now.

Bad update

New update doesn’t allow your game to reset after your arrow has landed. Also after level 35 it doesn’t advance to 36 once you’ve reach 515 feet. Needs to be fixed!

I like the game but

It now crashes when I try to level up to 34

New skin system is buggy.

It asks me to reach 515. I get pass that and no problem for 33. But now can’t get to 34. And it doesn’t reset the arrow. I have to get out the game just to go back in

Super buggy

After the skins were added it is really buggy and trash now. Please fix bugs

Add more skins

I got all the skins on my first go


Add more

Too many adds

Enjoy an add after every shot

Fun but not that good

When I got this game it was fine at first but now it is all glitchy and it is not my phone it glitches when you shoot the object and when it hits the place you landed it usually freezes!

Fix your ADS

ADs are broken, same one every time and it kicks you off the app, I’ve tried deleting other apps but it still does it.

Fun and enjoyable

Very entertaining game. There are several targets scattered throughout the map. You try to hit theses targets to earn extra points. Simple, but fun and enjoyable. I would strongly recommend to anyone.


after every 5-8 times you lose it gives you and ad and it’s constant and annoying and the only way to remove them is by spending 3$ and it’s stupid


Too many ads

Updates ruining game

Ever since skin update was introduced, I have to reset the game or pick a new skin to throw next arrow. Still fun when works, but rarely ever works lately. Probably use old waterfall development practices and can’t update without testing properly. Bad deployment from Devan’s operations teams. Need new SDLC process ASAP.

It’s a good app

It’s a really fun app to play when you’re bored but it gets super laggy...

Ad overload

Wow every third shot you get forced ads, to much a pain in the beginning of the game since ever shot lasts 3 seconds. Don’t bother downloading.


Hard, hard, and boring too

Go back

This game used to be fun until they had to go and update it now it lages and freezes every time I shoot and a add pops up every 5 seconds please go back to the og version


It was a good update and I have been playing for awhile and I passed the max level in my first shot

Not worth even downloading

Every free game nowadays has ads every once in a while, this game takes it way over board with mandatory ads after nearly every shot. It’s so obvious that the 4.5 rating on this game is fake no one would rate this game more than 1 Star. It’s just a money grab shame on y’all


To many ads


All this update did was make it crash and freeze👎. Loved the game until this. Definitely would have giving more stars

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